The Fish Club recommends using "Phosphorous-free" lawn fertilizers on
all established lawns, not just lakefront. Runoff of this chemical creates
excessive vegetation and algae growth in our lake. Services such as
ChemLawn now offer "Phosphorous-free" plans as well as home
improvement stores (in bags).

Established lawns need little or no phosphorous and mostly nitrogen. Please
read the articles below, be educated, and make your lawn
and lake the best it
can be!

Phosphorus and Eutrophication
Phosphorus (P) is an essential element for plant growth and is often applied to
agricultural land to increase crop production. Animal waste generally has a high
concentration of P. Livestock feedlots and cattle grazing on grassland can
introduce substantial amounts of P-rich manure to the environment. Nonpoint
sources of P, such as surface runoff and subsurface leaching from agricultural
land and livestock operations, are major contributors to eutrophication in
freshwater bodies.
Eutrophication has been linked to a variety of ecological and
health problems, ranging from increased growth of undesirable algae and
aquatic weeds to fish kills and human illness.
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Non-Phospherous Fertilzers are available in the area at Lowe's,  
F & F, and Wal-Mart, among others.
(click on the Scotts Bags for more information)